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GLOBAL SECURITY IN CRISIS – Linking Poverty and Conflict

A common view today is that international terrorism is on the increase and that it is religiously motivated. Terrorists are seen to come from relatively poor and undemocratic countries and attack the relatively affluent and democratic ones. Concerns have been voiced that this may escalate into a wider conflict, even into nuclear terrorism. After the recent attack in Africa, Europe and Middle East, there is a call for   collective global action. Many argue that this implies increased military action. Others maintain that the main causes of current surge of terrorism have to be addressed instead, extreme poverty and climate change that disproportionately affect the poorer nations.

Whose security? While the richer countries in the North feel increasingly under threat, poor nations are far more likely to suffer adverse human and economic loss from violence than the larger, more diversified economies. It is estimated that over the last ten years two million children have been killed in conflict and around five million seriously disabled. It is estimated that as many as  300,000 child soldiers are currently active in conflicts round the world.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016, 6pm-9pm


VENUE                                                                                                                       Unicef UK
30a Great Sutton Street
London EC1V 0DU



Bruce Kent

Vice-President, CND

Have the superpowers created a monster that could return to haunt us?

‘Nuclear terrorism is the gravest threat to global security’, Barak Obama after the Paris attack in November 2015


Dr Rod Pullen

Former High Commissioner and Ambassador to several African countries including Ghana and Zimbabwe, UK Special Representative for Darfur.

Poverty, radicalisation and violence. Practical experience in Sub-Saharan Africa.

‘The most prevalent cause of current trend of terrorism and breeding ground for violent extremism is primarily the result of war and conflict in a region where, for a very long time there has been a preference for military action instead of political solutions’, Jacob Zuma in G20 meeting in Antalya after the Paris attack in November 2016.


Leah Kreitzman

Director of Public Affairs, Unicef UK

Whose security? Consequences of poverty and conflict. Are children paying the price?

‘You cannot win a war against terror as long as there are conditions in the world that make people desperate’, Desmond Tutu


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