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Benny Dembitzer

Benny Dembitzer

Benny is a former international development consultant who has worked for several different international organisations that range from OXFAM to the World Bank, from the United Nations Development Programme to the International Trade Centre.

He has worked at different times in 35 different African and 2 Asian countries. He has been a director of the charity War on Want and Chairman of International Voluntary Service (now called Skillshare Africa). He was European Director of the organisation that won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. He is currently a visiting lecturer in economics at Greenwich and London Metropolitan Universities.

Bertukan originates from Ethiopia; she is an accountant working in the National Health Service. Ethical Events works through a network of volunteers who are associated with the different projects. No one is earning any regular salary, although specialist work – such as the data input, design, and website work is remunerated.

The Global Development Course…

Ethical Events Ltd is a company limited by shares that undertakes events that have the aim of widening public understanding of the problems of the Third World. We did not wish to become a charity because for an entity of our size it would be more costly to administer a charity than a company and at the same time registering it as a company means that we do not have unlimited liability.

The company was set up in 2000. The Directors are Benny Dembitzer and Bertukan Dembitzer.

Ethical Events Ltd have run The Global Development Course since June 2003 to fill a perceived gap in the field and it was well received. The continuing positive feed-back from participants has encouraged us to organise the course three to four times each year ever since.

The courses bring together people who have a general interest in the development of the global South. Interaction of the group is an important component of the programme.

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