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ETHICAL-EVENTS launched a project to help African farmers in 2010. The project was incorporate as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) in January 2014. We have found, however, that this legal structure did not help the work and we are now trying to reconstitute the project under a different legal structure. Nothing else, however, has changed and we are continuing to support African farmers.

The central part of the work consists of a forum in which farmers (or their friends, colleagues, families) can place questions on the website and the questions will be answers by people who have relevant experience. Most of the panellists who answer are themselves working in various parts of Africa, of have worked as volunteers or as residents or as consultants. The project is evolving as we gain experience but our aim remains the same; the provide sub-Saharan African farmer with information of relevance to their daily work.

We need the help of anyone who has an interest in attacking the poverty at the very bottom of the pyramid. If you have contacts with projects across the region, or have families that are based in Africa, or have relevant experience or can support us in some form or other – please get in touch.

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